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RF Plasma Generators

Transform Your Process Innovation

Choose from a broad range of RF plasma generators and access unique features for configuration, control, and application requirements.


From various mounts and sizes to full digital control and plasma dynamic response, our RF generators can ignite your process innovation.

RF Plasma Generators
RF generators and power supply system


High-Power Density for Compact Installation

The versatile Apex® family of RF generators and power-delivery systems showcases a compact, modular design suitable for chamber mounting. Utilizing sophisticated RF-conversion technology,


Apex RF generators and power-delivery systems offer enhanced product and process reliability. High-density power capabilities make them ideal for advanced plasma processes.


And various communications models and configurable features allow you to customize your platform and explore integration approaches. No custom generator lead times are necessary.


When space is limited, but performance is critical, streamlined Apex RF generators offer various mounting options and power you can rely on.

  • Chamber-, rack-, or frame-mount options for convenience and reduced power losses

  • Superb performance enhanced with arc management

  • 1.5 to 10 kW output power options at 13.56 MHz frequency


  • Readily integrate process tools with enhanced flexibility

  • Stabilize plasma operation

  • Improve yield for fast arc management

  • Easily customize and configure to your process requirements


  • High-power density in a streamlined design 

  • On-board chamber mount, on-tool frame mount, rack mount, and shoebox options 

  • Wideband control loops

  • Optional pulse control

  • High-speed arc management


  • Flat Panel Displays

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

RF application power supplies


Unparalleled Breadth of RF-Application Delivery without Custom Lead Times

The proven Cesar® platform delivers consistent RF power, withstanding the harshest conditions in plasma processes.


The platform expertly handles high-load mismatches and remains fully functional at rated-reflected power. Cesar RF generators boast highly intuitive operating menus — accessible on large, front panel LCDs — that increase efficiency and minimize training costs.

Available in a diverse selection of models (2, 4, 13.56, 27.12, and 40.68 MHz; 0.3 to 5 kW) and equipped with high-quality components, Cesar RF generators maximize reliability and productivity.


Robust and versatile, the Cesar platform provides excellent RF power delivery across a wide range of frequencies and power outputs.

  • Customized performance without custom lead times

  • Reliable design for maximum uptime

  • Powerful user interface for easy operation


  • Increase process uptime thanks to highly reliable design and quality components

  • Customize performance without custom-unit lead times

  • Enhance operational ease and flexibility


  • Compact, streamlined design and standard platform packaging for easy replacement

  • High efficiency — less heat generated

  • RS-232, Ethernet, and Profibus communication

  • Active front panel with convenient, comprehensive operating menu

  • CEX (phase synch) operation mode


  • Etch

  • Deposition

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

waveform generator direct control substrate voltage


Asymmetric Bias Waveform Generator for Direct Control of Substrate Voltage and Ion Energy

The eVoS™ LE is an asymmetric bias waveform generator designed to achieve direct control of wafer-surface voltage and resulting ion energy distributions (IED) in plasma-based etch and deposition processes.


The eVoS system is comprised of a bi-directional voltage supply combined with an independent current source to establish and control wafer-surface potential.


The asymmetric output of the eVoS eliminates the limitations and restrictions of wafer biasing inherent to sinusoidal RF bias application. Fast digital metrology and novel control algorithms enable the production of near mono-energetic IEDs.


Use additional parameters for customizing average and time-varying aspects of the wafer surface voltage and resulting ion energy distribution.


The integrated, single-enclosure system delivers a customized width and precise control of ion energy for node etch and deposition applications. With a 1.2 kV asymmetric waveform, the eVoS LE applies metrology and proprietary control to deliver bias plasma performance for sensitive feature formation and efficiency unachievable by conventional RF methods.

  • Independently regulated voltage and current output for maximum control of bias conditions

  • Proprietary control system for direct manipulation of wafer bias characteristics

  • Fast, digitized metrology for real-time output monitoring and control

  • Improved efficiency with power applied directly to ion acceleration for less waste to heating

  • Enhanced ability to customize ion energy distribution, eliminate tails, and narrow distributions to maximize concentration to process-optimal levels


  • Achieve direct control of wafer bias voltage and resulting ion energies

  • Gain enhanced ion energy selection/discrimination when compared to a RF bias method

  • Significantly increase etch selectivity for shorter processes and straighter, deeper features

  • Use less power by using the “right power,” only delivering the useful ion energy

  • Simplify bias power integration


  • Ability to produce near mono-energetic ion energy distributions

  • Pulse capability with necessary input and output signals for synchronization

  • Integrated design and compact size eliminates need for matching network

  • High-speed metrology provides real-time bias voltage and ion current feedback

  • Narrow, broad, and multi-peak distributions

  • Adaptable to standard chamber interface


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Etch

  • Deposition

low power RF platform


A Compact, Economical, Easy to Install, Low Power RF Platform

Designed for use with 230 VAC, single-phase input power, the HiLight™ generators provide up to 600 W into a 50 Ω, non-reactive load.


HiLight RF generators provide accurate power regulation and incorporate internal protection limits that enable safe and reliable operation.


The RF generators are compact and lightweight, permitting you to mount directly on the tool or chamber. HiLight generators are controlled via a 25-pin analog user port.


Compact, lightweight, and air-cooled, HiLight™ RF generators are ideal for low-power, on-board applications, suiting 13.56 MHz plasma and 1 or 2 MHz processes.

  • Economical

  • Flexible, single-phase input

  • Compact design


  • Easily install in non-19" rack mounts

  • Increase accuracy and reliability with wave or pulsing modes


  • Compact, lightweight shoebox design

  • Air cooling 

  • Wave and pulse mode

  • Phase synchronization (CEX) and pulsing

  • Analog user port


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Etch

  • Deposition

Mid Frequency generator plasma processing


Economical, Mid-Frequency Generator Tailored for Plasma Processing

The versatile, variable-frequency LFGS generator (1250 W, 40 to 500 kHz) suits a wide variety of semiconductor and general plasma-processing applications, including sputtering, reactive ion etching, plasma deposition, polymerization, and surface treatment. Its compact 19", rack-mountable, air-cooled package eases installation and saves valuable space. 


With a half-bridge, class-D amplifier design, the LFGS power supply enables the lowest reflected power commercially available. 


  • Wide-output frequency range

  • Compact design

  • Flexible communication protocol


  • Support a wide variety of applications

  • Access the lowest reflected power commercially available

  • Easily install

  • Efficiently use valuable space


  • Variable frequency

  • Air cooling

  • Enhanced operating menu  

  • Active front panel

  • Pulse mode (0 to 10 kHz) CEX operation mode 2 analog user ports

  • RS-232, Ethernet, and Profibus communication


  • Deposition

  • Etch

repeatable power delivery for plasma applications


Industry-Leading, Repeatable Power Delivery for Core Plasma Applications

Advance your process development with a new focus on operating flexibility. Paramount® RF generators offer wide frequency and power ranges, support multiple integration scenarios, and are equipped with standard serial or analog interfaces.


The Paramount HP 10013 offers higher power enabling high plasma density and ion energy required by high aspect ratio devices and speeds process for the next node of semiconductor processing tools.

The Paramount platform’s digital architecture provides precise power management and streamlines new function integration — no lead times or hardware changes needed. High-power output and repeatable performance is achieved by real-time detection of plasma changes.


And internal-protection limits facilitate reliable operation.


Paramount RF power generators combine frequency tuning, pulsing, and complete digital control.

  • Full digital control for dynamic response to plasma changes

  • Customizable frequency from 400 kHz to 60 MHz and power from 1.5 to 10 kW

  • Advanced features for control optimization and synchronization


  • Enhance plasma stability and process repeatability

  • Precisely control RF power

  • Quickly respond to plasma changes

  • Easily adapt to meet specific application needs


  • Full digital control

  • Frequency tuning, pulsing, and pulse synchronization

  • Real-time power and impedance measurement

  • Arc management

  • Phase synchronization (CEX)


  • Deposition

  • Etch

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

Matching RF power delivery system

Paramount HFi

Compact, Cost-Effective Integrated Generator and Solid-State Matching RF Power Delivery System

The Paramount® HFi is an integrated RF delivery solution for deposition and other semiconductor plasma-based processes. An electrically switchable solid-state capacitor array is physically integrated with the RF power amplifier providing the most compact form-factor power delivery system available.


With an overall package size nearly equal to that of a traditional RF power generator, this design also includes the matching network within the common enclosure. The matching network, with 32 tune range positions, allows for reliable RF power delivery across a wide range of impedances.  

In addition to a reduced footprint, mechanically driven vacuum capacitors are replaced in the integrated matching network with solid state components for increased reliability and repeatability — crucial attributes in high-cycle, repetitive pro­cesses.


By elim­inating the traditional stand-alone vacuum capacitor matching network, very fast tuning and direct power regulation are achieved, reducing latency in today’s short-cycle, high step-count deposition processes.


Advanced Energy's Paramount HFi is a 13.56 MHz RF power delivery system with an integrated solid-state matching network capable of operating across a wide variety of impedance zones. The solution offers consistent power delivery, high power density, and exceptional reliability.

  • Minimize footprint by mounting the integrated system directly onto the chamber

  • Achieve repeatable power delivery across a wide impedance zone with 32 tune range positions

  • High reliability and reproducibility due to no moving parts


  • Utilize faster tuning speeds to enables stable performance even in the shortest process steps

  • Decrease costs with integrated package configuration when compared to separate generator and matching network

  • Free up valuable real estate on multi-wafer chamber deposition systems with reduced footprint


  • 32 tune range positions with millisecond switching speeds to enable the shortest process steps

  • Controllable tune range positions optimize the impedance range to customer process

  • Water-cooled with no requirements for external air exchange

  • Common exciter (CEX) mode to sync multiple systems in cluster configurations

  • RS-232, Ethernet, and EtherCAT communication


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Deposition

pulsin and pulse waveform control for plasma applications

Paramount Plus

Multi-Level Pulsing and Pulse Waveform Control for Emerging Plasma Applications

Get the broadest feature set available in a pulsed-RF product. The Paramount Plus offers precise RF regulation, sophisticated pulse manipulation, and advanced data acquisition.


Designed to cover an extensive range of RF energy — frequencies of 400 kHz to 60 MHz and power levels of 1.5 to 15 kW — the Paramount Plus delivers the repeatability and reliability you require.


Paramount Plus offers progressive technology and customizable features that include premier pulsing control.

  • Precise RF and pulse control

  • Fast response to plasma changes

  • Built-in diagnostic tools


  • Precisely control RF

  • Enhance plasma stability

  • Expedite plasma transitions

  • Reduce process times

  • Improve process repeatability and chamber matching


  • Enhanced RF stability with tightly regulated power output

  • Advanced multi-level pulsing

  • Pulse synchronization and monitoring

  • Real-time power and impedance measurement

  • Advanced FastDAQ data acquisition system


  • Flat Panel Displays

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

mid frequency  power source


Proven, Mid-Frequency Workhorse with Industry-Leading Reliability

Need a highly efficient, compact, easy-to-integrate power source? The PDX® series provides extremely accurate, highly repeatable process control, helping to ensure process uniformity and high throughput.


It’s wide frequency range of operation delivers optimal control across numerous applications.

The PDX low-power (LP) series is available in 1250 W and 1400 W versions and the PDX high-power (HP) series is available in 5000 W and 8000 W versions.


The PDX series features mid frequency power supplies that enhance process flexibility and optimize control.

  • Available in power ranging from 1250 to 8000 W

  • Wide frequency range operation

  • Remote operation capabilities


  • Enhance process flexibility

  • Improve throughput

  • Optimize process control

  • Ensure high repeatability

  • Ease integration


  • Sinusoidal RF output for low harmonic distortion 

  • Low EMI/RFI

  • Tightly regulated output power

  • Robust frequency range for optimal process control


  • Deposition

  • Etch

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

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