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Low & Mid-Frequency Power

Access Highly Efficient, Easy-to-Integrate Power

Advanced Energy’s low- and mid-frequency power supplies offer highly efficient, easy-to-integrate power.


Quickly improve process control in a wide variety of applications.

Low & Mid Frequency Power supplies PVD
power supplies solar PV manufacturing

Ascent MS

Multi-Output Power System for Multi-Chamber Power Delivery in Solar PV Manufacturing

The Ascent® MS is a multi-output power supply system designed to support PERC PECVD processes in the production of PV solar cells. Supporting up to five independent chambers in a single unit, the Ascent MS allows solar PV equipment manufacturers to develop cost-effective systems. Benefit from less electrical and mechanical infrastructure requirements than with other comparable solutions.


With quick-connect power I/O and minimized interconnections, the power supply system optimizes power delivery while enabling faster coater installation, higher reliability, and lower costs per coater. Designed to specifically meet today’s solar PV market needs, the Ascent MS can enable the lowest system and infrastructure costs in the industry.


The Ascent MS supports up to five independent chambers of PERC PECVD deposition processes in a single unit. This optimizes power delivery, enables independent programming, and simplifies deposition machine design to help you lower capital costs and increase reliability.

Single power system per five PERC PECVD chambers

Independent process parameters per chamber

Simplified machine infrastructure for lower cost and higher reliability


Fast track coater installation with modular power connectors, reduced interconnections, and simplified infrastructure

Develop cost-effective systems with less required electrical and mechanical infrastructure requirements

Achieve higher reliability in PERC PECVD deposition processes

Simplify deposition machine design with a single unit supporting up to five independent chambers


Single point of communication, water, I/O, and AC power input for up to five chambers

Independent ON/OFF times, arc parameters, and setpoints for each output

Up to five outputs per power system

Individually enabled outputs

Modular power connectors


  • Solar Photovoltaics

power supplies magnetron sputtering

Ascent DMS

Advanced Dual-Magnetron Sputtering Accessories

The Ascent® DMS series offers unprecedented power-delivery ease and control for dual-magnetron sputtering, enabling precise tuning of film characteristics.


With selectable frequency, regulation mode, and duty cycle, as well as low stored energy and simplified, modular system configuration, the Ascent DMS accessory distinguishes itself as truly next-generation technology. Cost-effective, scalable, and versatile, it minimizes complexity, increases quality, and boosts throughput to enable advanced process innovation. 
The Ascent DMS MF-120 package provides cost-effective, mid-frequency power for standard cathodes, while delivering bipolar pulsing technology benefits. 


A field-proven solution for any dual-magnetron sputtering application with additional capabilities facilitating advanced process innovation.

  • Achieve higher deposition rates with a more stable process through advanced ARC management

  • Tune your process with variable frequency and duty cycle

  • Tailor to your system requirements: 30, 40, and 60 kW units configurable up to 180 kW


  • Increased film value: Repeatable, customizable deposited films

  • Lower cost of ownership and increased productivity

  • Higher power levels with improved stability and reduced arc damage

  • Easy scalability, integration, and support

  • Modular design allows you to pay for only what you need while enabling future capability expansion


  • Modular and scalable (40, 60, and 120 kW models configurable up to 180 kW)

  • Selectable frequency (500 Hz to 50 kHz)

  • Adjustable duty cycle — independent power ratio regulation for each magnetron

  • Advanced process management through a tiered approach to arc mitigation

  • CEX (phase synchronization)


  • Flat Panel Display

  • Glass Coating

  • Industrial Coatings

  • Solar Photovoltaics

power supplies reactive sputtering

PEII Series

Low-Frequency Series with Enhanced Arc Control and Internal Load Matching for 40 kHz Reactive Sputtering Applications

The low-frequency PEII series provides 40 kHz pulse width modulation (PWM). It features advanced arc control and internal load matching with outputs of up to 60 kW when units are combined — requiring no external hardware, such as transformers or tuners.


The power supply also offers two distinct arc-handling circuits, and the floating output can be grounded on either side. PEII power supplies are water-cooled, are CE compliant, and include many optional accessories. 


The PEII series of power supplies are the trusted standard for dual-magnetron sputtering, as an effective vacuum cleaning tool, and in multiple PECVD applications.

  • Reliable water-cooled design

  • Delivers tight output regulation on power, voltage, or current, with a measurement accuracy of 1%

  • Compatible with a programmable logic controller (PLC)


  • Proven reliability enables maximum system utilization

  • Accurate power, voltage, or current regulation

  • Maximum flexibility and modularity 

  • Enhanced arc control 

  • Wide tap range


  • 5 and 10 kW options (primary/secondary up to 60 kW)

  • Internal load match (10:1 impedance range)

  • Two distinct arc-handling circuits

  • Efficient, compact, water-cooled design

  • CE compliant

  • Compatible with Advanced Energy’s LMII 10K matching network allowing higher voltage operation


  • Glass Coatings

  • Industrial Coatings

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