RF Match Networks

Obtain Fast, Accurate, and Reliable Matching

Enable fast, accurate, and reliable matching. Advanced Energy’s match networks expertly perform in multiple power ranges.


Available in plug-and-play models or configurable units, easily install, expedite tuning, and tighten process control.

RF Match Networks
accurate reliable digitally tuned RF matching

Navigator II

Rapid, Accurate, and Reliable Digitally-Tuned Matching

The Navigator® ll is equipped with microprocessor-controlled, stepper-motor drives, and advanced tuning algorithms — enabling optimized RF power.


An optional internal Z’Scan® II RF sensor provides real-time analysis of process power and impedance — allowing you to quickly identify and significantly reduce process variability.


Optional Virtual Front Panel software is available for monitoring and control through a user’s computer.


The Navigator ll matching network’s advanced digital technology speeds tuning and match response time.

  • Leading RF plasma methodology and control

  • Advanced pulsing control with tune-while-pulsing capability

  • Unprecedented insights into plasma with the integrated Z’Scan II


  • Speedily tune and improve match response time

  • Tighten process control

  • Increase tool throughput and product yield

  • Improve reliability and cost of ownership

  • Customize across a variety of chambers and processes


  • Digital architecture with model-based rapid tuning algorithms

  • Pulsed RF power delivery

  • Sweep frequency operation

  • Intermodulation distortion (IMD) immunity for multi-frequency applications

  • Real-time process power and impedance measurement


  • Etch

  • Flat Panel Displays

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

power delivery for high-speed matching applications

Navigator II FCi

Agile, Precise Power Delivery for Demanding High-Speed Matching Applications

The Navigator® II FCi is a standalone, microprocessor-controlled impedance matching network. Incorporating tuning elements adjusted by discrete solid-state switched capacitor arrays, the matching network is driven by the need to achieve fast, ac­curate tuning across wider impedances. With a similar form, footprint, and tuning ranges as traditional counterparts, these matches offer tuning times in the millisecond range compared with the one-second range typical of traditional matching networks.


This high-speed matching technology is optimized and suited for critical, power sensitive, short duration plasma process steps such as Atomic Layer Etch (ALE).

When configured for full-range tuning, the Navigator FCi can cover an impedance space identical to that of a vacuum capacitor match. The com­pactness of solid-state circuitry allows the match to fit within a similar footprint of the conventional version.


This match has no moving mechanical parts, eliminating wear and drift mechanisms inherent to traditional matches. This enables higher reliability and repeatability on a broad range of challenging and continually varying plasma processes.


Advanced Energy's Navigator II FCi enables improved process control with precise power delivery and tuning.


The high-speed matching network is optimized for critical, power sensitive, short duration plasma process steps. Conventional longer steps and wide tuning range, traditionally handled by vacuum capacitor-based matching networks, are also supported.

Through high-speed tuning, the Navigator II FCi offers many process control enhancements.

  • Reduced plasma stabilization time

  • No plasma dropout between process recipe transitions


  • Achieve fast, accurate tuning across a wide impedance range

  • Improve reliability and repeatability

  • Reduce power delivery interruption and “winking-out” of plasma

  • Utilize technology for short process steps, such as ALE applications


  • 13.56 MHz

  • CW and pulse operation

  • Output measurement sensor

  • Air cooled


  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Etch

Matching network solutions


Economical, Digital, Configurable Matching Network Solution

Experience simplicity and high reliability in a single, affordable package. The Navio™ matching network leverages our power expertise to precisely match complex plasma impedance to your tuning range. It’s quick, accurate, and repeatable.


Available in multiple power ranges and frequencies, choose from a standard offering or a configurable design. Installation is virtually plug-and-play with Advanced Energy’s RF power supplies.


Virtual Front Panel software is available for monitoring.


The Navio matching network delivers quick, accurate, and repeatable impedance across many applications.

  • Plug-and-play installation with Advanced Energy’s RF power supplies for thin film applications

  • Efficient and stable power delivery

  • Compact and air-cooled (standard package or slim version)


  • Improve throughput, increase yield, and reduce production costs

  • Choose a standard model or configure a unit that meets your system requirements

  • Install and operate with ease

  • Obtain excellent repeatability for high process yield


  • Quick, accurate, and repeatable impedance matching

  • Optimized, off-the-shelf functionality for many applications

  • Generous menu of configuration options for more sophisticated processes

  • Wide power and frequency ranges

  • Compact air-cooled unit available in a standard or slim version


  • Deposition

  • Etch

  • Flat Panel Display

  • Glass Coating

  • Industrial Coatings

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Solar Photovoltaics