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Pulsed-DC Systems

Enhance Deposition Rates

and Improve Film Flatness

Extend process innovation with Advanced Energy’s comprehensive pulsed-DC suite.


Minimize arcing, enhance deposition rate, improve film flatness and packing density. 

Pulsed DC-Systems PVD coating
power control single dual magnetron sputtering

Ascent AP Series

Unprecedented Power Control for Single- and Dual-Magnetron Sputtering

Ascent® AP power supplies deliver unprecedented plasma control in a compact solution for single-magnetron and dual-magnetron sputtering.

Advanced Energy’s patented pulsing technology enables remarkable arc prevention, higher power levels, and increased throughput.


Ascent AP’s comprehensive control parameters and wide operational range unlock material options to extend process flexibility and material innovation.


Achieve new levels of process performance using field-proven, bipolar DC pulsing technology.

  • Advanced waveform control allows process fine-tuning

  • Available for both dual-pulsed and single-pulsed magnetron sputtering applications

  • Compact design incorporates DC and pulsing


  • Precise sputtering of dielectric and conductive films

  • Extended process control and flexibility

  • High film quality and throughput

  • Repeatable, customizable films

  • Higher power levels with reduced arc damage

  • Easy integration and control


  • Process customization with extensive power delivery parameters

  • Advanced process management through a tiered approach to arc mitigation

  • Compact, single-unit solution (up to 30 kW)

  • Set Point Compensation™ technology for stable throughput

  • Wide operational range to enable a variety of process materials


  • Flat Panel Display

  • Glass Coating

  • Industrial Coatings

  • Solar Photovoltaics

pulsed dc single magnetron reactive sputtering

Pinnacle Plus+

Process-Proven, Pulsed DC for Single-Magnetron Reactive Sputtering of Thin Dielectric Films

Advanced Energy Pinnacle® Plus+ power supplies provide all the advantages of a pulsed-DC solution for reactive processes — in an easily integrated package that increases process efficiency, reduces costs, and offers superior flexibility and latitude. 


Combining standard DC technology and our patented pulsed-DC technology, the Pinnacle Plus+ power supplies provide higher deposition rates, more repeatable performance, and exceptional film quality compared to complicated and expensive AC-power solutions.


Pinnacle Plus+ generators deliver DC power in a pulsing configuration enabling reactive sputtering of extremely uniform, high-quality dielectric films.

  • Charge clearing during the reverse pulse prevents arcs from developing

  • Adjustable process through frequency and duty cycle control

  • Compact air-cooled design expandable in primary/secondary configurations


  • Higher deposition and yield rates 

  • Superior film uniformity and quality 

  • Reduced substrate damage caused by arcing 

  • Excellent process flexibility and latitude 

  • Repeatable performance 


  • Adjustable frequency range of 5 to 350 kHz 

  • Variable duty cycle up to 45% 

  • Wide voltage range — single-tap wide impedance range 

  • Superior arc control  

  • Dual output available for multi-chamber production 


  • Deposition

  • Flat Panel Displays

  • Glass Coatings

  • Industrial Coatings

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing

  • Solar Photovoltaics

power supplies arc processes

Arc-Bias Solvix

An Arc-Bias Solution that Brings a New Level of Precision and Productivity to Cathodic Arc Processes

Powerful arc discharges, rapid vaporization of target material, and high-energy ions make cathodic arc deposition both powerful and potentially unstable.


Available at a range of current levels up to 400 A, Solvix® arc supplies deliver excellent plasma ionization, ion energy, and throughput — with remarkable power and process control. Solvix supplies add an even greater degree of control over film properties, for remarkably hard, dense, durable, adherent films.


Solvix power supplies are specifically designed to enable advanced, high-tech coatings.

  • New coating capabilities with precision bias generators

  • Industry-leading reliability while powering extremely dynamic ARC processes

  • System optimization with a wide variety of models available


  • Reduced substrate damage and better yield

  • Excellent film density and adhesion

  • Proven reliability and high throughput

  • Adaptability to a wide range of process requirements

  • Efficient installation and support


  • Range of current, power, and voltage regulation modes

  • Flexible architecture

  • Air cooling

  • Multiple units configurable for high power requirements

  • High-performance DSP regulator


  • Industrial Coatings

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