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How to achieve L*30 with 50 GPa with shortest possible full batch time (less than 2 hours)

Neither pre- nor post-conditioning batch is necessary

Enhanced Voltage Equipped (EVE) system for dark coatings

PVD coatings ceramics deep black low L-Value

EVE makes coatings that are blacker than any black product released in the market. EVE took ADAM far ahead in the quality of the products from by our friends and peers by not only achieving darker colour with lowest achieved luminosity ‘L’ value, but also excelling in hardness greater than 50GPa.

While PVD processes scientists are raising their eyebrows, EVE also have few more things to serve for production engineers. Yes, with EVE in charge for controllers, the entire duration for a batch cost less than 120 minutes, while leaving your chamber super clean.

This means, we demonstrated the deposit of perfect rose gold colour coated on bonnet part prepared for our customer who makes electric vehicles.

No conditioning batch is necessary in between the coating of the darkest colour BLACK and the coating of the most challenging colour either ROSE GOLD or dark brown (Titanium target based).

Carbon elements either in the form of atoms or in the form of molecules in hydrocarbons are very hard to ionize due to its lowest ionization cross sections. Would you know that Carbon has 10 times less chance to get ionization when compared to Titanium at conventional plasma generators in industrial PVD machines.

EVE does not spare whatsoever the cross section of the elements. Due to her ability to generate intense plasma, and to achieve high gas temperature, EVE make sure that maximum carbon species are ionized and a layer with highest density is coated.

By pumping the plasma density, we can increase the ionization of carbon species on par with the degree of ionization of Titanium atoms.

With EVE, Avaluxe is capable of producing Decorative and Antimicrobial PVD coatings.

I will tell you how EVE can fabricate ADAM only in EDEN. What is EDEN ?

Please stay tuned, next post will follow.


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