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What Adam and Eve have to do with PVD Coatings?

PVD Coatings ADAM EVE EDEN coating technology

PVD and electroplating are two methods used for thin films coatings. It is pretty normal why customers prefer PVD to conventional electrochemical methods. PVD advantages over the electroplating Although, electroplating and PVD are two important coating technologies for decorative and antimicrobial, the PVD advantages over the electroplating to large extent in terms of

  • uniform deposition over complex shapes and large areas

  • excellent adhesion with seamless gradient integrated interface between substrate and coated layer

  • no chemical toxicity,

  • wider choice of materials and combination of materials that cannot be coated by electroplating.

  • PVD can coat alloyed compounds that cannot be done by rest of the coating technologies including electroplating.