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Surface coating technology avoids infections

PVD technologies have been proven to be an effective weapon against bacteria and viral infections and will help to fight against pandemics

PVD coatings destroy bacteria and virus / avoids infections

In this Covid-19 pandemic era, we become obsessed with the world of microorganisms. We are even wary to touch anything in public spaces from door handles to elevator buttons. And we have good reason to be. Researchers in biotechnology field evidently reported that many potentially infectious bacteria and viruses(Pathogens) can thrive on surfaces for ample amounts of time.

Pathogens spread by many ways either through direct contact with infectious person or through sneezes and coughs. Surfaces that are used in common add a new level of difficulty. An infecting pathogen land on a surface and be able to survive on it until you touch it.

Commonly shared public spaces such as, faucets and sinks, arm rest, equipment, countertops, tables, arm rest in public transports are the most common environment sources for pathogens (bacteria and viruses) transmission between person to person.Pathogenic infections originating from touching hospital equipment and objects are also serious threat to public community.

Although antibiotics have been utilized worldwide, increasing antibiotic resistance presents a global threat to public health.

Antibacterial coatings step up as a critical approach to restrict the pathogenic infection rate without