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Control the flux to control the colour uniformity

Decorative PVD coatings have been a super success in replacing the traditional metal plating used for coating luxurious and commercial goods.

In decorative PVD process the raw material savings are 1000% higher than the traditional metal plating process.

For example, sputtering of gold needs only 100nm thin layer on a coating substrate where in traditional plating process minimum gold thickness is 10 μm. This thickness is necessary to obtain a similar eye-perceivience for golden colour.

Furthermore, using of Titanium or Zirconium target with C2H2 and Nitrogen to obtain the gold colour reduces the costs up to 7000% - even more than the traditional gold plating methods.

PVD coaters and colour uniformity

Ionized Physical Vapour Deposition is the best and efficient technology for decorative coating applications. In Ionized PVD (either Arc or Magnetron) the electric field can only influence the energetic impact of depositing ions on the coating film. However, the profile of magnetic field is so critical as it modulates the trajectory of depositing ions to the coating substrate. Hence, the magnetic field has more say in achieving the colour