Our CEOs

AVALUXE International GmbH was founded 11 years ago by Christos Pernagidis and Peter Schiffl.

We stand for long term thinking, integrity and reliability – internally as well as externally. Beyond the “conventional” supply of our products it is our aim to offer our customers further important services, such as:

  • rapid processing of customers’ inquiries and orders
  • takeover of logistics and warehouse management
  • short-term availability of our specialists


  • MBA
  • CEO for more than 20 years
  • Member of several boards of directors
  • Leadership positions in marketing and sales
  • Project manager with international business expertise
  • Head of successful start-up companies both in Germany and the US
  • Shareholder and CEO of AVALUXE International GmbH
  • Email: pschiffl@avaluxe.de


  • Masters Degree in Material Science
  • 22 years of experience in the field of thin-film technology
  • Production manager for coating and evaporation materials
  • Chief marketing officer for coating materials
  • Shareholder and CEO of AVALUXE International GmbH
  • Email: cpernagidis@avaluxe.de