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Target bonding for optimizing your coating process

The right method of target bonding will help to optimize your sputtering process. It makes target handling easier, improves target efficiency and reduces the thermal stress on the sputtering target. Especially with regards to precious metal targets, considerable cost savings can be achieved. We deliver copper, molybdenum and stainless steel backing plates.

Advantages of target bonding at a glance

  • reduction of target thickness up to 50 %
  • reduced thermal stress on the targets due to improved heat conductivity
  • trouble-free sputtering of brittle materials like Si, B, Ge, MoS2, ceramics
  • backing plates are reusable and contribute to resource efficiency

We bond according to your specifications

To obtain a firm and reliable bond the selection of the right method is essential. Furthermore, a uniform heat transfer and a good electrical contact have to be ensured, and the different coefficients of thermal expansion have to be considered.

We take account of these factors and offer you the right method for your targets and backing plates.

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Different methods – different backing plates

Bonding material Indium AgSn and Nanofoil® Elastomer bond
melting point 311°F/155°C 428°F/220°C 482°F/250°C
tolerable difference of the
thermal expansion coefficients
of target and backing plate
high medium low
effort of de-bonding very low low high
backing plates made of copper

stainless steel