Precision Cleaning

Not just clean, but supremely pure!

AVALUXE provides industry-leading cleaning technologies, because even small particles have a huge impact on your system capacity and process quality. We make a clean sweep and in doing so, we help you to save costs.

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Our services include cleaning, etching, stripping, passivating, coating, repairing and redesigning as well as the supply of recyclable parts in particle sensitive production environments (PVD, CVD, PECVD etc.).

We use a broad range of cleaning methods, coating technologies and production know-how to achieve superior tool performance at our customers’ site.

AVALUXE offers solutions for the fields of architectural glass coating, solar heating, photovoltaics, automotive and semiconductor industry as well as for the decorative and tool coating industry. Our services are perfectly adapted to your specific requirements. Furthermore we take care for the logistics (pick-up and return) of your equipment and parts.

For further optimization of your process we offer Twin Wire Arc Spray (TWA), which improves the performance of your system considerably

Your Advantages at a Glance:

  • significant increase in the lifetime of equipment parts – up to 30 % additional kWh
  • no aggressive solutions
  • gentle cleaning methods – no damages to the substrates!
  • extended operating time – less maintenance downtimes
  • quicker achievement of the required vacuum – increased rates of 10 % – 30%

Chemical Area:

  • cleaning basins in different sizes from 1l up to 3000 l
  • treatment of parts sized from a few mm up to 5 m
  • special rinsing unit with conductivity measurement for ensuring residue-free parts
  • wet chemical processing area
  • customized chemical solutions for etching
  • chemical stripping and reclaim of precious metals
  • drying furnace with max. capacity of 2000x1700x1000 mm

Additional Services:

  • disassembly/assembly of complete systems, also available as on-site service
  • masking of sealing surfaces and critical areas as well as threads
  • mechanical cleaning/blasting (chamber size 7 m x 5 m)
  • surface treatment with Twin Wire Arc Spray
  • repair service of components
  • manufacturing of new parts and components
  • replacement of small parts (helicoils, screws, inserts)
  • straightening and welding
  • customized packaging and individually designed transportation boxes
  • on-site cleaning service with our equipment including mobile blasting device

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