Accessories for PVD Coating

Neutrality is the best material!

AVALUXE is not dependent on a specific manufacturer. This gives us the ability to choose the best material from the most experienced supplier for our customers. Convince yourself of the quality of our materials with your next order.

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AVALUXE offers accessories for industrial coating in the form of filaments, evaporation crucibles and boats.


Regardless of the manufacturer of the equipment you have installed, AVALUXE supplies high quality filaments for vacuum metallization. Our standard materials are tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum. We offer standard dimensions or customized filaments in many designs and wire diameters, singly or multiply twisted.

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Evaporation Boats and Crucibles

We supply customized products in various dimensions, even in smaller quantities. Tungsten, molybdenum and tantalum are our standard materials for any evaporation boat and crucible. All our products are subject to constant and strict quality controls in order to satisfy your needs.

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