Refractory and Special Metals

Neutrality is the best material!

AVALUXE is not dependent on a specific manufacturer. This gives us the ability to choose the best material from the most experienced supplier for our customers. Convince yourself of the quality of our materials with your next order.

Weitere Materialien und Reinheiten auf Anfrage!

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As specialist supplier for coating materials we have gained an extensive know-how about metals and their properties. You can take advantage of our experience as your preferred supplier for special metals in many shapes and forms. Our product range includes high-purity refractory metals and special alloys with unique properties for applications under extreme conditions.

AVALUXE delivers special metals in form of

  • semi-finished parts
  • wires
  • rods
  • sheets
  • stripes
  • foils

or in customized shapes.

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Refractory Metals for Your Requirements

AVALUXE supplies high-purity refractory metals, which distinguish themselves by high melting points, low thermal expansion coefficients and good conductivity.

We deliver chromium, hafnium, molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, titanium, tungsten, vanadium and zirconium in various shapes and forms.

We Deliver According to Your Specification

Please send us your specifications regarding composition, purity and dimensions and we will send you an individual offer. Customized designs, especially ready-to-install parts according to your request, are no problem for us.