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Magnetron Sputtering

AVALUXE is your experienced partner for high-end magnetron cathodes and sputter magnetrons. As a branch-experienced specialist for thin-film-technology we offer a wide range in high-quality components up to customised solutions, modulated to your process scenery.

  • circular magnetrons
  • linear magnetrons
  • cylindrical magnetrons
  • custom magnetrons
  • solutions for high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS)
  • magnetron repair
  • magnetron parts

Magnetrons by AVALUXE meet the highest expectations in coating homogeneity, target utilization and sputter rate. Due to their specific design features – such as turbulent water flow and profiled magnets – they offer additional advantages:

  • Versatile and Compact Design

Magnetrons are ultra compact and specially developed for complex multi-cathode cluster assemblies. This allows high scalability, making magnetrons an ideal option for system upgrades and retrofits.

  • Total Power Compatibility

Our magnetrons are compatible with DC, RF and mid-frequency DC as well as with pulsed DC sources.

  • Standard Connectors

Magnetrons are equipped with standard ISO NW connectors and Conflat® metal seal flanges. They can be easily installed in any existing vacuum system.

  • High Performance

Magnetrons operate at low process pressures in the range of 10 – 7 bar and can deliver practical power densities of more than 46 W/cm2. These high power densities allow magnetrons to maximize both the process coating zone and target utilization without compromising sputter rate.

  • Better Film Homogeneity

Magnetrons by AVALUXE provide a high level of deposition uniformity. Our partner will also produce magnet arrays or clusters according to your specification.

  • Cleaner Process

The addition of an anode shield allows operation at low pressure and voltages, because the distance between the cathode and anode (ground plane) is reduced. Shields also block debris from falling in the space between the anode and cathode, preventing electrical short circuits and arcing.

  • Full Range of Sizes

Circular magnetrons are available in 1 to 16 inches target diameters.
Linear magnetrons are available in target widths of 1.5 to 12 inches and in target lengths of 1 to 13 feet.
Cylindrical magnetrons are available for target diameters of 3 to 6 inches.

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