Optics and Photovoltaics

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From crystal clear displays up to impressive thin-film solar cells – with the broad range of applications in the area of optics and photovoltaics it is not easy to keep the overview. Talk with us about your industry-specific opportunities.

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Coating Materials for Optics & Photovoltaics

Whether sputtering targets or evaporation materials – AVALUXE is able to supply the best matching material for your coating process. Together with you we define the specification or even offer consultation to select the right material. Your goal is our focus: super-thin, smart coatings based on metals or ceramic materials. We deliver them as planar but also as cylindrical sputtering targets as well as in the shape of granules and tablets. Just the way you want!

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Precision Cleaning for Optics & Photovoltaics

We offer a variety of cleaning methods (wet, mechanical and thermal) and are able to improve your coating results by our special surface treatment of shieldings and substrate holders. It is worth trying – test us!

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Service for Optics & Photovoltaics

With magnetrons of our partner Angstrom Sciences Inc. you will be able to achieve better sputter coating results. Whether planar or cylindrical cathodes, on request as drop-in and cantilever version, we have the right solution for you.

We also do the bonding of targets on your or own backing plates or backing plates manufactured by AVALUXE. Of course, we also buy back target scrap at common market prices.

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