Aerospace Technology

Lending wings:

Without any doubt, it is the field of aerospace technology where functional coatings can be found which are designed for reaching the highest goals. Get in touch with our experts and discuss the variety of possibilities regarding materials, services and technologies.

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Coating Materials

Aerospace coatings impose high demands on both the producer of the coating and the supplier of the materials. Aerospace components are subject to the strictest controls. We face this challenge. Our materials can be found on components as well as on tools for the aerospace industry.

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Precision Cleaning for the Aerospace Industry

The high requirements on the coating process for aerospace components have inspired us to find new approaches for the cleaning of your coating equipment. We go new ways to establish a cleaner process for you. We are ready for takeoff…

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Service for Aircraft & Space Industry

We manufacture customized shieldings or substrate holders for you. Our know-how in precision cleaning helps us to define the right materials.

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