Decorative Coatings

Brilliant prospects:

Intelligent surfaces which do not only look good, but also have smart properties are a growth market with enormous future potential. Benefit from our years of experience in dealing with various materials for decorative thin-film coatings!

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Coating Materials

Arc cathodes and sputtering targets as well as evaporation materials – regardless which process you are using, we will supply the appropriate coating material to you. Titanium, zirconium, chromium, aluminum and titanium-aluminum alloys are standard materials for us. We also develop customized alloys together with you.

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Precision Cleaning for Decorative Coatings

Layers on shieldings, shutters, substrate holders, transport boxes and more will be removed by our special precision cleaning for you. Call us – we will organize pickup and return of your spare parts … properly cleaned!

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Service for Decorative Coatings

We use our experience in stripping and precision cleaning of coating equipment also to reclaim precious metals from the coating process. It is worth its weight in gold to talk about it…

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