Automotive Engineering

Getting the show on the road:

From ice-free and scratch-proof windows up to UV protection – thin films provide high-tech solutions for the automotive industry! Here you can count on the extensive know-how of AVALUXE in the fields of metallurgy, chemistry and materials science.

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Coating Materials

AVALUXE supplies targets, arc cathodes as well as evaporation materials for your coating system. We choose the right production method for your material so that you can rely on its performance in the process. Besides the standard materials we assist you in developing new coatings.

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Precision Cleaning for Automotive Engineering

The challenges faced by the automotive industry have increased considerably over recent years. The design of substrate holders is becoming more and more complex. Stripping methods using sandblasting do not lead to acceptable results. We can do better.

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Service for Automotive Engineering

We manufacture your shieldings and substrate holders according to your specification. With our experience in cleaning we will choose the right materials for the specific requirements.

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