Architectural Glass

In large scale:

LAC (Large Area Coating) is a special discipline particularly for the coating of architectural glass. The coating of large areas places high demands on the properties of material and components, such as magnetrons and power supplies. AVALUXE provides consultancy and supplies the optimal solution for both.

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Coating Materials for Large Area Coating

AVALUXE supplies all common materials for the Large Area Coating Industry. No matter if you use SiAl, ZnSn, TiOx or only pure Titanium for the architectural glas coating, no matter if you need Molybdenum and Chromium for photovoltaics and solarthermics, no matter if you need a planar target or a rotatable target – we have the best fitting solution for you. We supply according to your standards. Let us know your specifications for material, purity and dimensions and we will send you our quotation. Besides the coating materials, we also offer bonding service and recycling of used targets.

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Precision Cleaning for Glass Coating Equipment

We offer a wide range of cleaning methods according to your specific requirements and handle the associated logistics. For further optimization of your process we offer surface treatment with Twin Wire Arc Spray, which, in combination with our cleaning service, improves the performance of your system considerably. Please read also our white paper!

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Service for Architectural Glass Coating

Sputtering with magnetrons of our partner Angstrom Sciences Inc will give you better results. Whether planar magnetrons or cylindric cathodes, optionally available as drop-in or cantilever version – we have the right solution for you.

On request we do the bonding of your targets on backing plates supplied by the customer or by AVALUXE. We also take back your used targets at usual market prices. Furthermore, we repair your shieldings or manufacture new ones for you.

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